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Robotic Dress Packs

jpegMurrplastik is able to provide fully populated robotic dresspack solutions for any robotic application. We will develop individual dresspack designs utilizing universally applicable fastening, conduit and protection elements for hydraulic, pneumatic and electronic cables and wires for all standard robots. We will assemble and ship these dress packs, including their cables, connectors, and other content as one unit, making ordering and assembly at the job site easy.

We also offer specially developed cable protection conduits for complex robot applications that can stand up to extreme stress and movement. Specially modified materials and special conduit geometry ensure optimal protection and long lives.



  • Precise planning and support for your setup
  • Comprehensive system consultations - on-site
  • Special wear protection for your robotic equipment
  • Innovative solutions for linear axis 7 applications
  • Compatibility with other manufacturers
  • Spare parts in small packaging quantities
  • Short delivery times
  • Adapter and fixing plates

Our engineers are ready to work with you to develop your optimal robotic dresspack solution.


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