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The KDL/H-VA FDA frames made of stainless steel in conjunction with the grommet holders and grommets made of TPE with FDA compliance specially modified for Murrplastik enable use in the food and pharmaceutical industry.


       KDH KDL H VA FDA 24 4 Set Einzelteile4KDH KDL H VA FDA 24 4 Set mit Tuellen 2kdh kdt x fda klein2

halogen free logo9 Halogen free

  • Frame: stainless steel (1.4305)           
  • Block: TPE-S
  • Grommets: TPE-S
  • Temperature range: -40 … +80°C
  • Compliance: FDA 21 CFR
  • ECOLAB-certified
  • Protection class: IP69K




• Standard cut-outs (16 and 24 pole)
• Easy assembly
• High packing density for up to 48 cables
• Integrated strain relief

TypeOrder No.No. Openings small / mediumMaterial
KDL/H-VA-FDA 24/12, Set 87141882 12 / 0 VA
KDL/H-VA-FDA 24/4, Set 87141880 0 / 4 VA
KDL/H-VA-FDA 16/8, Set 87141877 8 / 0 VA
KDL/H-VA-FDA 16/3, Set 87141874 0 / 3 VA
KDL/H-VA-FDA 1/6, Set 87141870 6 / 0 VA
Cable entry grommets Type KDT/X FDA

Cable entry grommets Type KDT/X FDA

1-piece cable entry grommet for pre-assembled cables combined with the cable entry system KDL/H-VA FDA made of FDA compliant material for the food and beverage industry. 

  • Pre-assembled cables can be easily inserted or fed through e.g. in control cabinets. 
  • Grommets are retrofitted around the cable. 
  • Made of FDA compliant material especially for the food industry

UV resistance logo13 UV resistant Temperature rating20 -40°C – 80°C


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