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BS label plate

BS label plate

High-quality, halogen-free label plate for single-line and multi-line inscription. The BS label plate is mounted directly with a cable tie.

  • BS 5 and BS 5-2 are suitable for longitudinal mounting.
  • BS 6 can be mounted lengthways and across.

BS 5


Type Order no. Color RAL equiv. Label size Printable area Number symbols/line Max. width of cable ties Trees per frame Qty. each frame Software Type Pack qty.
for lengthways fixture (A x B)
BS 5 86281020 white 9016 27 mm  x  12 mm 27 mm  x  12 mm 15 / 3 3 mm 4 16 80 190
For affixing lengthways or crossways (A x B)
BS 6 86281022 white 9016 27 mm  x  12 mm 27 mm  x  12 mm 15 / 3 3 mm 4 16 81 190
For correct size of cable tie KB see accessories
refer to labeling system for suitable base plates
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