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KMH label holder (halogen-free)

KMH label holder (halogen-free)

Halogen-free label holder for wire, cable and conduit labels. They hold the idents (BK) and the ACS labels type KS, KSO or DM. The label holders are fixed in place with cable ties.


Type Order no. Length for Label Number of idents BK23 / BK30 Max. width of cable ties Recommendedin. diameter Pack qty.
Labeling lengthways along the cable/conduit (A) (B) (B) (C)
KMH 4/23 86221010 23 mm KS 4/x; DM 4... 10 / 7 5 mm 5 mm 1000
Single-line and multi-line
KMH 9/20 86221012 20 mm KSO 20x9; DM 9... - 5 mm 10 mm 1000
KMH 9/35 86221016 35 mm KSO 35x9; DM 9... - 5 mm 10 mm 500
Pre-assembled label holders (A) (B) (B) (C)
KKMH 4/23 86221050 23 mm KS 4/x; DM 4... 10 / 7 5 mm 5 mm 250
KMH 4/23 fitted with cable tie KB 55
For correct size of cable tie see accessories
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