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FHS-C Flexible Holder Systems

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The FHS-C (Flexible holder system Cable) consists of the FHE and a buckle strap which is available in four lengths. It is available as a separate article with just one length of buckle strap included or as a set including all four lengths of buckle strap + FHE.
The FHS-C was developed for direct cable or conduit insertion and can be used for different outside diameters because of the flexible lengths of the buckle straps. The length selection can be adapted to the diameter of the robot arm as these may vary.
As soon as the cables or conduits are inserted into the FHE, they must be simply fixed by the requested buckle strap. The buckle strap connects the FHE directly with the robot arm on one side and with the inserted cable on the other side.


FHS-C-Set-3kg.pdf      FHS-C-Sets-TM-5-TM-12-TM-14-brochure.pdf




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