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FHS Sets

To make the selection process easier, we offer sets for the 3 sizes of collaborative robots:

  • 83693480 FHS-Set 3kg
  • 83693482 FHS-Set 5kg
  • 83693484 FHS-Set 10kg

FHS kitdownload2

The sets were adjusted to the individual size of the robots and include the articles listed on the following page. The FHS-sets are equipped with the FHE (without additional holder) in which protection conduits and cables can be inserted directly.


FHS-C-Set-3kg.pdf             FHS-C-set-UR3-francais.pdf

FHS-C-Set-5kg.pdf             FHS-C-set-UR5-francais.pdf

FHS-C-Set-10kg.pdf           FHS-C-set-UR10-francais.pdf

FHS-SH-Set-3kg.pdf           FHS-SH-set-UR3-francais.pdf

FHS-SH-Set-5kg.pdf           FHS-SH-Set-UR5-francais.pdf

FHS-SH-Set-10kg.pdf          FHS-SH-set-UR10-francais.pdf

FHS-UHE-Set-5kg.pdf          FHS-UHE-set-UR5-francais.pdf

FHS-UHE-Set-10kg.pdf        FHS-UHE-set-UR10-francais.pdf

FHS-RS-Set-5kg.pdf             FHS-RS-set-UR5-francais.pdf

FHS-RS-Set-10kg.pdf           FHS-RS-set-UR10-francais.pdf

EWX-PP-LS-conduit.pdf   Techman-Overview-poster-FHS-UHE-SetTM12-14-8912835026-A3-003.pdf

Displaying Metric Units